Crepe Erase - Fast Acting Skin Cream

With the passing of time, our skin becomes more and more sensitive to the outside world and begins to break down at a much faster rate than normal, and the regeneration process becomes increasingly slower. With aging, the skin becomes thinner and loses part of its ability to hold moisture, leading to a crepey look and feel. All these effects are due to aging, and aging causes the body to produce less and less collagen and elastin, two vital compounds for skin health

These two proteins are responsible for the look and feel of skin, more specifically for the hydration and elasticity of the dermal layer, properties which make it look young and make it feel tight. Both collagen and elastin are essential to the creation of the dermal matrix which supports skin health. When the levels of the two mentioned proteins begin to become lower and lower, we can start to notice our skin lose elasticity and achieve a crepey, paper thin look. With aging, the skin begins to sag and to become more sensitive to outside factors such as heat, moisture, wind, cold, and others. This is the same process which leads to the incidence of wrinkles, except crepey skin manifests itself on a larger portion of skin.

Among the main causes of crepey skin is the overexposure to UV light, in short sun damage. This sort of impact on the skin is a long term one, as we are exposed to the sun our whole lives, and the signs start to show when we age as the damage accumulates. The UV rays from the sun gradually break down the elastin fibers in our bodies, and, with aging, the elastin is not replenished in time. This leads to the crepey look of the skin. But sun damage is not the only cause of this affection. Rapid weight loss, smoking, bad sleeping habit, pollution, nutrition, or a combination of all or some of these factors all lead to a decay in skin quality over time. 

So what is the solution for this common and frequent affection which does not discriminate men or women? Crepe Erase is the answer for people who are looking to restore a youthful look to their skin, and, at the same time, increase their quality of life without any risks or unwanted side effects. 

Crepe Erase features a patented formula which contains only natural ingredients which work together to offer you a fast, effective, and efficient way to restore the aspect and feel of your skin to its former glory, or even better.

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